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Updated May 14, 2020

Office Hours: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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Opportunities for Grade Improvement 

(see daily/weekly assignments below)

All Digital Learning assignments must be completed by May 14th.   

Quiz/HW/Classwork/Formative Grades

Kognity -Unemployment Reading Assignment 

Due by May 14, 2020 at 4:00  

Kognity - Unemployment 10 question quiz 

Due May 14, 2020, at 4:00 

Exam/Summative Grades

Kognity - Short exam over Micro and Macro  

Extra Credit - up to 10 points on a previous exam

Creativity assignment - make some creative way to explain monetary and/or fiscal policy.

Completion does not guarantee any extra credit points. The finished product must illustrate an understanding of the concepts. For example, does my metaphor of the faucets make it seem like expansionary is good but contractionary is bad? If so, then I am not showing an understanding of the concepts because there are situations where expansionary is good and situations where expansionary is bad. 

Due May 14, 2020, emailed to  by 4:00

Weekly assignment(s): 

Subject to change. Please check back daily. (Changes will be highlighted in a different color) 

Scheduled Weekly ZOOM meeting: Thursday 10:30 am

Scheduled Weekly ZOOM Q & A: Friday 11:00am

May 15:  Final Q&A ZOOM meeting at 11:00   

May 14:  Final class ZOOM meeting : Discussed article sent via remind: Micro concepts (single industry), Shifting demand curve due to consumer tastes changing --> creates a shortage --> prices rise to resolve the shortage. 

Week of May 11: Complete any outstanding Digital learning assignments. Must be completed by May 14. Due to coronavirus hardships, I have extended the last two kognity quizzes to the 14th (though it would be better if you completed them earlier), and I will allow any other assignments be completed by the 14th may have to ask me to make a make up assignment. But at that point there will be no other opportunities to improve your grade. All grades will stand. 

May 8:  Q&A ZOOM meeting at 11:00   

May 7:  ZOOM meeting at 10:30 AM  - Unemployment  

Week of May 4 - "May the fourth be with you"  Kognity Exam - Due May 8, at 4:00 

Kognity Reading assignment - Unemployment

- Due May 14, 5:00 (No Late submissions) 


Kognity Quiz - unemployment - 

Due May 14, 5:00 (No late submissions) 

May 1:  Q&A ZOOM meeting at 11:00  - TBD 

April 30:  ZOOM meeting at 10:30 AM  - TBD 

30 April 2020 Meeting - The Math Behind Linear Demand Functions

April 27-29: Kognity assignments : Reading and questions over monetary and fiscal policy 

April 24: Q&A ZOOM meeting at 11:00  - Micro Review and Monetary and Fiscal policy 

April 24: ZOOM meeting at 11:00  - Monetary and Fiscal policy 

April 20-23: Kognity assignments - Reading and questions: Micro review part 2 

April 16, 2020 Meeting