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Updated May 9, 2020

Office Hours: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

I may be reached by email at:

or though the this form

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Opportunities for Grade Improvement 

(see daily/weekly assignments below)

All Digital Learning assignments must be completed by May 14th.   

Kognity - Long Developmental Exam - may be completed to add an additional 15 points to an exam, due May 8.* 

Kognity - Short Micro/Macro Review Exam - may be completed to create an additional exam grade due May 8.* 

*UPDATEDue to Cornovirus hardships, I will allow a student who was unable to complete by May 8, to do a different one, but it must be completed by May 14 at 4:00.  You must request the new exam. 

After May 14th, all grades will be final. 


Subject to change. Please check back daily. (Changes will be highlighted in a different color) 

Review videos can be found here

Scroll to the bottom for IB specific, section by section reviews

Don't forget these helpful links that are also found on the handouts page. 

April 13-14: Be available from 10:00 to 3:00 in case some part of your IA is not uploading properly. 

April 13 - 18: Work on completing Graphathon

I am postponing all of the assignments below until further notice. New Assignment Follows:

March 24 - April 6: You may redo any/all of your IA commentaries. These need to be turned in as soon as possible, but as soon as possible with considerable attention given to them. These need to be submitted by April 6. 

Here is what you need to do: 


Take your three best commentaries

(I will look at new ones if you need me to),

Make a clean copy (since IB will be grading them, we do not want any of my critique marks on them) 

add a completed coversheet and the article

(highlight long articles, but it would be better to use short articles (see tips below)),

place all in a .pdf file (1 single file)

named    first initial_last name_econ_portfolio.pdf 

with all pages orientated correctly making it easy for the IB grader, 

and email the whole file to me before April 6. 

The order goes like this: 

Portfolio cover sheet 

1st commentary cover sheet

1st article 

1st commentary

2nd commentary cover sheet

2nd article

2nd commentary

3rd commentary coversheet 

3rd article

3rd commentary 


Example of International Commentary with guidance

Internal Assessment: 

Official IA instructions 

Simplified rubric

Example of International Commentary with guidance

Jason Welker's awesome website

Postponed until further notice

March 16: Work on your IA redos. Please submit these by Monday at 10:00am. 

March 18: Work on your IA redos. (Please revise them - proof read, make strong sentences). Email them including the cover sheet and article (in one .pdf by Wednesday at 3:00). 

ZOOM meeting to answer any questions from seniors - Wednesday, March 18, 10:30

March 20: Make significant progress on Graphathon  

March 24: Using the Kognity online textbook, work on the 160-question Developmental Unit Assessment. This open book assignment will be due on April 24.

Treat this assignment as an Open Book Exam. I believe it will be much more beneficial to approach the Developmental unit this way rather than taking notes from the book. (Of course you still can take notes).

Also - Note the link to review videos above the assignments.  

March 26: Make significant progress on Graphathon 

March 30Work on Kognity online assessment.  

April 1: Make significant progress on your Graphathon. 

April 3: Work on Kognity online assessment. 


* For the Three HL students, I will be setting aside some time in the coming weeks to go over Econ math. But to start reviewing check out this link 

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